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A tooth’s life can become threatened by nearby damaged or infected tissue. If something isn’t done to remove the affected tissue quickly, pain and tooth loss often result.

Endodontics is the practice of removing this damaged tissue in order to preserve and maintain healthy teeth. Most commonly known as a root canal, an endodontic treatment can help to prolong the life of a specific tooth, helping you keep a beautiful and healthy smile.

We offer gentle and safe root canal treatments that are generally performed in just one office visit. Often times a tooth will become damaged or suffer from a deep cavity, leading to tissue damage beyond the tooth itself. When this happens, the tooth’s nerve and blood vessels, or pulp, can become infected, causing swelling and often leading to discomfort and pain.

We deliver fast and generally painless endodontic treatments that quickly remove the infected nerve and surrounding tissue. This helps to immediately ease the swelling surrounding your tooth and jawbone, and can often times lead to a dramatic reduction in pain. We then clean, fill and seal the once-affected area, returning your tooth, and your mouth, back to a state of good oral health.

You want your teeth to last your entire life, and many times a root canal treatment is your best tooth-saving option. No one likes the pain, swelling and discomfort often associated with damaged or infected oral tissue, and that’s why we offer root canals in the comfort and safety of our office. We want to ease your fears about endodontics and give you the fastest and most pleasant root canal experience possible.

We anesthetize the affected area so that you undergo little to no discomfort during your entire root canal procedure. We also use state-of-the-art tools and technique to reduce the possibility of scarring and to minimize the potential of residual pain. Over-the-counter medications are usually recommended to combat any discomfort after the procedure.

Our endodontics services are safe, painless and worry-free. We take the apprehension out of root canals by making you comfortable and relaxed.

If you’re experiencing any unusual swelling, pain or discomfort in your gums, jaw or cheeks, and/or are suffering from aches in your head or neck, you may be a candidate for root canal therapy. To receive a professional examination and diagnosis, please schedule an appointment with our office.

The longer you put off an endodontic procedure, the greater the risk to your oral health.


Patient Testimonial: Root canal

Had to have a root canal done. There was NO PAIN and they explained everything that was going on --- Melissa.D   Read More

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