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Dental Implants

Dental implants offer you a permanent solution to tooth loss. We provide minimally-invasive dental implant procedures that can give you secure and natural-looking tooth replacements.

Our implants are gently placed underneath your gum tissue and firmly anchored into your jaw, fitting safely and comfortably into your smile. We use the latest technology to make our implant procedures as fast and pain-free as possible. Your new implant will serve as a longtime support for your implant restoration, which generally consists of a custom-made crown or bridge designed to match the natural shape, color and function of your natural teeth.

Unlike traditional tooth replacements, which can fall out and often end up lost, implants allow you to feel secure in your new teeth. The permanence of an implant can give you peace-of-mind and allow you to enjoy your teeth for many, many years.

Tooth loss often results from dental disease or injury, leaving your smile incomplete. Our implant treatments are a great way to repair the gap in your smile and improve your oral function. A missing tooth can impact your oral health and affect your appearance, and an implant may be the ideal way to put the health and the confidence back into your smile.

We provide quality implant services in a comfortable setting. Dr. Kukleris wants you to be relaxed and enjoy your visit, and that’s why we work hard to ensure your comfort and address your concerns. Your dental health is our highest priority, and we take the time and care necessary to determine if a dental implant is right for you. We will develop a detailed picture of your oral health to create tooth replacements best suited to your jaw, gums, and surrounding teeth.

A quality dental implant offers you the opportunity to experience the many benefits of a permanent tooth replacement. An implant can help to improve your ability to eat and speak, and can greatly enhance your overall appearance. Our implant treatments are safe, easy and thorough, and we will do our best to minimize your pain and maximize your comfort throughout your next implant procedure.

To find out if a dental implant treatment is right for you, contact our office today. Your choice of tooth replacement is crucial to both the health and the look of your smile. We want you to have the best tooth replacement options available, and we offer affordable and effective implant procedures to all of our patients.


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