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Crowns & Bridges: Fixed Prosthodontics

We provide our patients with fixed prosthodontics services as an effective way to permanently repair the gaps in their teeth.

Our fixed prosthodontics utilizes the most recent advances in tooth-replacement technology. Our prosthodontic treatments include high-quality crowns and bridges that are permanently cemented into the gaps in your smile. A crown or bridge is secured into the missing area of your smile, providing you a natural-looking and functional tooth-replacement that will last for many years to come.

A crown is an individual tooth replacement made to fit into an area vacated by a single missing tooth. We will design a crown to fit within the specific dimensions of your missing tooth. These crowns are made to have the shape and appearance of your natural teeth, and will restore function to the affected areas.

We then attach your new crown to either your existing teeth or your natural tooth roots for support. This firmly anchors your new crown and provides you a worry-free tooth replacement that will give you years of beauty and enjoyment.

Bridges, unlike crowns, are used to fill gaps that consist of two or more missing teeth. Bridges are generally made up of two or more crowns and are anchored into your smile’s gaps much the same way as crowns. Bridges are also designed to comfortably fit within those gaps and to restore your smile’s natural appearance.

Missing teeth can be both a cosmetic and functional nuisance, and often times have the potential to affect your overall oral health. A prolonged period of missing teeth can lead to undesired movements in your existing teeth, gums and jawbone, and the exposed areas can put your existing teeth at a greater risk for disease. It’s important to consider a quality tooth-replacement treatment as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the higher the risk for damage and pain.

We make affordable and superlative crown and bridge treatments available to anyone with missing teeth. We offer our patients gentle and comfortable fixed prosthodontics that minimizes pain and that won’t break their budgets. Dr. Kukleris is an experienced and caring prosthodontist who provides safe, quality crown and bridge treatments.

There are several effective options when it comes to your next tooth replacement. If you’re ready to consider your next replacement, yet are unsure about which way to go, contact our office today. We will help you explore your options and choose the replacement method best-suited for your smile.


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