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What payment options do you offer?

Financial Options. We consider our relationship with you to be primary importance and will always make our recommendations based on what we believe is the very best treatment for you regardless of your insurance coverage or financial arrangements. For your comfort and convenience, we offer a wide range of financial options, and welcome your suggestions and questions.

Pre-Payment in Full - A pre-payment courtesy of 5% will be given for direct payment in full by cash, check or credit card, prior to treatment. (This option cannot be used with Care Credit)

Pre-Authorized Credit Card Agreement  - With your permission and signature, we will charge your MasterCard or VISA with an agreed payment amount each month. This allows you to make monthly payments without applying for additional credit.

Pay as You Go - You may choose to pay your obligation for each visit with Cash, Check or Credit Card, at the visit.

Gradual Treatment Plan - By prioritizing treatment, those patients who do not have dental insurance or on a tight budget can still complete their dental work by spreading appointments over several months or years.

Care Credit - You can establish a credit line with the Care Credit company that can be used to pay for medical, dental procedures for yourself and family.

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