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I'm really dissatisfied with my smile and have been told that adult braces may help. What are these and can I afford them?

Adult braces are teeth-straightening devices used to gently and painlessly correct the flaws and symmetry in your teeth. We offer short-term adult orthodontics to anyone looking to improve their smile in far less time then traditional metal braces.

Our practice offers Six-Month-Braces and Invisalign to anyone seeking straighter and more beautiful teeth. Each method is fast, gentle, safe and affordable. Six-Month-Braces relies on powerful and virtually invisible wires to gently nudge your teeth into the desired position. Invisalign works through removable clear plastic aligners that create precision teeth corrections.

We recommend either treatment because both are easy and painless. Each treatment offers hassle-free teeth-straightening without the bulk or duration of traditional metal braces. We make each accessible and affordable to our patients.      

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